We have a huge selection of Kitchen Worktops to compliment any kitchen including Granite, Corian, Timber and Laminate. Click here for more information about our range of Kitchen Worktops.

The natural beauty of Granite adds elegance and style that's hard to beat! This solid, hard wearing substance has stood the test of time to be mined shaped and polished to extremely high standards. Whether fitted in a studio flat in London or a country home in Scotland Granite Kitchen Worktops create contemporary chic as well as traditional elegance.

Corian® manufactured by DuPont™ carries their 10 year warranty giving you peace of mind as well as unparallel design flexibility. This elegant material can be shaped, like no other on the market, to fit even the most imaginitive kitchen design.

Hardwood Kitchen Worktops provide stunning natural beauty to any kitchen style, be it contemporary or classic. Hardwood's such as Oak, Beech, Wenge, Iroko, European or African Walnut will provide the "wow" factor to you kitchen.

Laminate surfaces are more heat resistant than they used to be and will withstand heat from boiling water and other moderately hot spillages and containers. It is not recommended that you place a hot pan on a laminated worktop as this can warp the surface. Due to the non-porous surface of laminate, liquids will not be absorbed and can be easily wiped away. Laminate surfaces are very resistant to most stains and with minimal care will retain their uniform colour without discolouration from staining or sunbleaching for years.

The colours laminates are available in is far more extensive than other kitchen worktop materials. A solid colour can be chosen if desired, or if you want the look of a wooden or natural stone worktop at a fraction of the price, there is also a large choice of simulated colours. The quality of these imitation laminates has progressed greatly and in many cases it is hard to tell the difference just by looking at it. The range of laminate colours means that you can have the look of natural wood or stone in an synthetic colour. The design possibilities are endless!

Clearly the top choice for colour selection and affordability, laminate worktops offer a range of looks for your kitchen without breaking the bank. A laminate worktop is an attractive option and, if properly maintained, will last for years.

Solid Surfaces
These extremely cost effective alternatives to Corian® will give satisfaction for many years to come. They are solid, non-porous and very easy to keep clean. Available in several brands including Minerelle, Maia and Artis, these surfaces are becoming extremely popular as they are sold as blanks and can be installed by most experienced kitchen fitters, no template required!.


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