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The term Shaker refers to a religious movement formed in the 18th century by Ann Lee. Originally a splinter of the Quaker group, the Shakers (or Shaking Quakers) got their name from their reputation for shaking during religious ceremonies. The Shakers settled in the USA where they developed a distinctive style of carpentry and design.

The philosophy of the Shaker style can be summed up in two words: simplicity and utility. The Shakers believed in the highest levels of workmanship, using pure and simple lines without any ornamentation. They were also interested in making the items durable and, above all, useful.

Any kitchen designed in the Shaker style, taking inspiration from the Shaker values of beautiful simplicity and craftsmanship, can be called a Shaker kitchen.

The Shaker look is built on simple straightforward design reduced to a minimum. Add panelled doors and warm wood surfaces to your kitchen to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Shaker kitchens are light and plain so make sure that you avoid fancy mouldings, pillars or cornices to achieve your Shaker look. A simple way to add a classic Shaker feature to your kitchen is with a peg rail. The wooden rail with pegs spaced evenly along its length is the perfect way to avoid clutter on your kitchen floors. You can use it to hang anything from coats and bags, to chairs and stools.

Panelled doors are a signature of Shaker kitchens. Try to keep yours plain and simple without intricate mouldings. Natural woods like cherry, pine, or maple, are a favourite for Shaker style units. Colours are light and muted in tone to create a calm agricultural feel. Creams, greens, greys and blues all work well. Typically, oversized wooden knobs are a common feature, but small and more understated knobs in wood or other materials can be equally effective.

The Shaker style has been adapted in many ways to suit traditional or more modern tastes, as well as for the evolving uses of a kitchen in today's world.

Modern Shaker style:
Use a gloss finish on Shaker units and add bar handles and glass doors to create a more contemporary look.

Period Shaker style:
Choose units in painted white or soft creams and display simple crockery for a period feel.

Wooden Shaker style:
Go for units and worktops in traditional woods like pine and maple, or walnut for an understated yet elegant finish.

Colourful Shaker style:
Keep wall colours neutral to make your Shaker units the star of the show. Consider selecting a few different colours and using them to differentiate certain areas of your kitchen, such as the cooking and eating spaces.

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